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About Elderberry Natural Products

Well Balanced & Exquisite Flavor.

Customers choose our elderberry syrup because it’s a cut above the rest. We take pride in expertly balancing a nutrient-dense culinary-flavored product with a memorable spoonful experience.

Unlike other products that are either lip puckering tart, sickening sweet or thick and gooey, our elderberry syrup has a juice and tea-like consistency, lightly kissed with honey.

So much so that customers want to  sip it, drink it and add it to their smoothies, adult beverages and other creative dishes.


Berry, Flower & Leaf Blending Experts.

Our proprietary blends are formulated by a Certified Integrative Nutrition professional & herbalist.

The combination of aromas provide a consistent, nutrient-dense sip that families can count on.

We carefully source cut and sifted herbs where they grow natively (when possible) and sustainably farmed (when necessary), to maximize their phytonutrients.

Our brewing and infusion processes are unique blending the best of cutting-edge herbal, scientific and culinary practices.


Taste & Feel the Difference

Your whole body deserves a luxurious experience free of artificial nonsense that’s on the market today.

As such, our products will always be free of gluten, fillers, additives, and other junk that clogs your system.


The Elderberry Naturals Difference

We Think Differently

We are intimately in-tune with  what’s happening in the world around us and how that will impact your customers’ lives.

We’re listeners. We create based on what your customer needs, when they need it most. We’re constantly surveying, evaluating and creating connections in the community to understand what matters in their lives.

We’re dot connectors and problem solves. We anticipate what your clients’s wellness needs are, even before they know it. 

We are trendsetters, not trend followers. We set the bar high on creating unique  products and services at just the right times. 


Knowledge is Power

We are science-forward and believe that continuously learning means knowing better and doing better.

We value both evidence and clinical-based research. Our expertise is at the intersection of elder and health sciences that inform everything we do.

We don’t invest in local for local sake. We choose the very best ingredients based on science where the altitude and climate is perfect, soil is superb and the growers have significant experience in their trade. We believe our products have the best blend of European and American based elders.

We are studying, learning and teaching when we’re not sleeping so that our entire community gets healthier, together.

Giving Back Matters

Elderberry Naturals gives back to the community in many ways, monetarily and with our time. 

Monetary Donations:
Operation Underground Railroad
Children’s Health Defense
Health Freedom Ohio

Feature Speaker:
Creative Soulpreneur Podcast
Growing Farmers Summit
Herbal Entrepreneur Summit
Holistic Health Summit
Thriving Farmers Content & Course Creation

Our Ingredients

We practice a local-first sourcing philosophy; however, we don’t invest in local for local sake. We simply won’t sacrifice quality for locality. We choose the very best ingredients based on science where the altitude and climate is perfect, soil is superb and the growers have significant experience in their trade. We look for generational partners, first who treat their employees and partners like family. We believe our products have the best blend of European and American based elders.

Black European Sambucus nigra nigra (berries, flowers)
Our European farm partners hail from Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria and Poland. The plants grow naturally in the wild and are harvested with regenerative and fair trade practices providing their teams with agricultural education, fair wages, and flexible work hours, treating their teams like family.  European harvesting is mutli-generational. Our partners have mastered their craft and as a result, their operational efficiences bring us an affordable wellness tool to our community. The current scientific data supporting ©ElderHealth is based on the Black European elder.

Black American Sambucus nigra canadensis (berries, flowers, leaves)
Our farm partners are small, family-based farms that cultivate elder on man-made farms throughout Ohio, Iowa, and Missouri. We choose regenerative farm experts first before considering traditional farm philosophy partners.

We grow what we can here in Ohio (lemon balm, echinacea, comfrey, yarrow, calendula, horseradish) and source 100% organic ingredients from local farmers first then US-based farmers (like River Hills Harvest and Pacific Botanicals) and beyond when ingredients, like clove and cinnamon, cannot grow in our climate (StarWest Botanicals, Mountain Rose Herbs, Frontier Co-Op, Bulk Apothecary).

It’s no secret. Many elderberry syrups seem the same on the surface using similar ingredients. What set us apart is the science and research we’ve gone deep on to understand the nutritional density you need in our recipe, balanced with a flavor you’ll love in all of our blends.

Real Lemon Juice
100% Organic Sicilian lemons bring out the beautiful flavors of berries & herbs as well as create a longer lasting product in your fridge to enjoy.

Raw Honey
Our apiary partner is a small family-run business practicing sustainable bee keeping in the Southwest Central Ohio area.

Butters, Waxes & Oils
Bulk Apothecary, SULU Organics, Kirkland, GreenandOrganic, 


About The Elderberry Naturals Facility

Facility & Location
Located just North of Columbus, our 1200 sqft building houses our commercial kitchen, packing & shipping operations. 

Full-Scale Brewing & Infusion Equipment
We’re equipped with the right tools,  just for you. Our artisanal blends are handcrafted using state-of-the-art tools. All of our equipment is certified NSF stainless steel. Our equipment includes:

50 gallon Spike Brewing kettle powered by Electric Supply Company
15 gallon & 9 gallon Digiboil
1 & 2 gallon wine presses
22lb capacity filling machine
7qt presto pot
2-64qt filling vessels
6-12qt fermenting vessels

We are GMP certified and use Sanidate 5.0, a safe, food-grade and environmentally friendly solution.


About Our Founder

The Birth of Elderberry Naturals
The evolution of Elderberry Naturals starts back in 2009 when I was “stuck” in corporate America feeling deeply compelled that God designed me for greater things. His calling lead me to normalize natural wellness for the everyday mom through education & empowerment, helping her move away from toxic ingredients and move toward a healthier lifestyle.

Between 2012 – 2017, I laid the foundation for what is today known as Elderberry Naturals, Ohio’s most unique artisanal wellness company focused on craft elderberry syrup, tea, extracts, balms, salves and more. We cater to upscale boutiques, markets, gift shops and wellness centers.

Hello! My name is Trisha Jackson. I have 18-years of corporate sales & marketing experience and 24 years of natural wellness education to share. I graduated with a degree in psychology from The Ohio State University in 1999. I hold certificates in integrative nutrition, holistic health coaching, herbalism, aromatherapy, NLP and a slew of other wellness certifications. 

When I’m not working, you can find me working on my suburban homestead in Columbus, Ohio, on a softball field coaching, around I-270 taxiing my kids or with my nose in a non-fiction book about any number of health, wellness or entrepreneurial topics. 

What our partners say most about working with us is my deep understanding of consumer behavior and how to best meet their customer’s wellness needs in addition to meeting their business goals.  

 Welcome, I’m looking forward to serving you.